Keep Your Shoes Clean

Tips to Keep Your Shoes Clean Based on its Material

With the busy and active lifestyle, no one can afford to wash their shoes every week. However, buying a pair of stylish sneakers and ruining them within a few days is a common issue that each one of us undergoes.

Even if you have plenty of time washing every pair of sneakers every day does not make sense. Even some material can easily get damaged by regular washing. However, proper maintenance of the shoes based on their material and some cleaning hacks can let you enjoy your perfect pair of shoes in their best possible look.

So, here in this guide, you are going to learn about various maintenance and cleaning tip for different kinds of sneakers based on their material. It will also help in preventing the shoe from getting damaged or becoming dull from its original look.

Cleaning Tips to Keep the Shoes Look Clean and Intact

You can easily clean your shoes using this guide if you know the material of your shoe. However, some sneakers are made of a combination of materials, so in that case, you have to clean them accordingly.

If you want your shoes to remain fresh and durable, don’t leave them dirty each time you return from a walk, run, or gym. Sneakers like Balenciaga Triple S Neon Green contain polyester, calfskin, lambskin, as Lycra. So, such kind of combination requires more than one method of cleaning.

Stay tuned and read further to know cleaning strategies for various types of shoes.

1.      Synthetic Leather

You can use a mild detergent to wipe off the dirt from the shoe with a warm water-soaked cloth. It must be followed by scrubbing the shoe with a brush. Later it must be wiped off with a wet cloth to wash off any remaining detergent.

It is easier to clean a stain or smudge from synthetic leather as it won’t get absorbed into the surface. Even white synthetic leather can be easily cleaned using the “Mr. Clean magic eraser” cleaning pad. It will remove the stain without affecting the color at all.

2.      Canvas Sneakers

Canvas is the most basic pair of shoes that are durable and preferred by everyone. They can be washed easily as compared to other materials. However, using a paste combining baking soda with warm water can come in handy to clean any stubborn stain from the canvas.

canvas sneakers

Also, try to wash your canvas with your hands instead of throwing them directly into the machine.

3.      Knit Sneakers

Knit sneakers require a bit more attention than other fabrics while cleaning. The upper of the knit has a mesh-like look and is more pliable. Thus, it is considered a fragile material that is prone to getting dirty easily. So, using a brush to remove the dirt or stain could damage the material.

For cleaning your knit sneakers, always use mild bathing soap and warm water and wipe it off using a cloth. Even detergents can be extremely harsh on their fragile material. It is tiring to clean a knit sneaker but extremely effective to remove stains and maintain durability.

Once the stain gets off rubbing the cloth soaked in warm water and soap, clean them with a wet cloth, and let them air dry naturally.

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