5 Best Samsung DeX Alternatives to Try Now!

Samsung DeX is an awesome technology that enables users to switch between various devices. It allows Samsung users to connect their Samsung smartphones to a monitor or TV in order to see its capabilities on a larger screen. Users may also use a USB connection to link their gadgets to their displays to expand their capabilities. It’s like your phone will be converted into a computer. Samsung DeX enables users to transform software into a comprehensive dashboard to manage all aspects of their business.

They may store presentation files on their phone and display them on a monitor. They can change slides by swiping/flipping their fingertips over the screen of the phone. Samsung DeX allows customers to multitask by reading messages on their smartphones while watching a movie on display. It offers users two distinct displays on which they may do various activities at the same time. You can easily download Samsung dex for pc to get started right away!

Now if you are not happy with Samsung Dex and want to explore some more alternatives then this article is for you. Here we will list down the 5 best Samsung DeX alternatives.

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Droid Explorer

The Android utility known as Droid Explorer is a very popular application for android phones. It allows users to perform a number of tasks without having to perform them manually. For example, you can install or remove applications, change the settings on the devices, manage files and folders, and search for apps. What makes this application manager so great is that it integrates with several different android tools. This article aims to show you how to uninstall this awesome program.

Android Control

The Android Control over PC software download provides a free mobile phone mirroring program that you could download onto your Windows-based system. Once activated, this program does not consume too much memory or CPU speed. It allows you to control your android smartphone, browse the internet, play music, use other applications, reply to emails, and much more. The free software also allows you to keep a backup of all your contacts, use the built-in camera, and much more. If you need additional functions, then you could purchase the software, but it is completely free to download.

91 PC Suite for Android

91 PC Suite lets you play games; in fact, it does not even let you play games on your mobile phone. But for those who do love gaming, this app can deliver what they want from mobile games. You can connect your Android phone to your PC using this pc suit.


Using scrcpy, you can share your phone’s control with your PC. You can connect your Android device using USB and WiFi. It does not require any root access and can use with any OS.


AirDroid allows you to access your Android phone’s data and manage them on your PC. You can also access your messages and calls on your PC. It’s more like accessing your mobile’s data remotely by using AirDroid’s features.

We hope that you got enough options to explore the alternatives to Samsung Dex. Should you have any other recommendations, let us know and we will surely include them in our list curated above! Till then, stay tuned to our website for more such informational content.


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