Tutu helper is the best app to download the paid apps in the android phones for absolutely free. Yes this is right you can enjoy the fun of installing various apps which are not easily available for free use. In app stores you might find various types of application that are paid apps. You need to pay for downloading such kind of apps. Tutu helper can give you the freedom of installing this kind of app for absolutely free. Tutu helper apk is a source that everyone is willing to have in their smartphones.

Tutu App Helper

Tutu App Features

  • Tutu App is a Chinese app that helps you in downloading paid apps for free.
  • It works smoothly in all operating systems to give the irresistible fun of using paid apps for free.
  • This is available in Chinese language you need to download in the Google translate page and you can use this application as directed.
  • You need not to go any app store and then download it; you can directly download the apps using this app.
  • For android phones this app is free to install.
  • It is a best alternative of Share app.
  • The third party app saves your time and money for going into Google play store and spends money on application.

How to Download TuTu Helper APK for Android

This is a smart choice for the android users. But this app is not launched for the android users. Anyways still android users can download these useful applications through TuTu APK file.

  • First of all install the Tutu Helper APK file from here.
  • Unlock your android phone and go for settings> security and unknown source menu.
  • Now install the APK Installer file.
  • Now open the installed APK in your Smartphone open the APK and click on install button.
  • Tutu app will be directly installed into your Smartphone.
  • Now the time is to use this app, open this app.
  • Do as directed and grant all the requests of app.

It will be available in Chinese language, use Google translate to understand all the necessary information.

This is how android users can download Scr Pro APK for into their smart devices. Enjoy running paid apps into your device for free by installing Tutu helper into your device.

Garageband is a great musical app developed by Apple. It’s a great opportunity for the music professionals to create their own tracks and musical sounds without paying any extra cost for it. You can play Garageband for only android devices, iOS and Apple phones. PC users are also searching to download this music learning app for windows. Keep in mind your needs we have come with the beautiful guidelines of how install Garageband for PC. You can keep safe your creative sound tracks in the safest system of computer. Below are the Super easy techniques to download Garageband in Windows 7/ 8/ 10 or XP.

Garageband Features

  • You can mix and arrange your tracks as per your wish
  • Music lovers can’t live without it. It has best beats to create your favorite music
  • This app permits to make all your music productions in the web
  • shareit for pc manual is available for the basic learners
  • It has a great ability to save your precious music creations in cloud
  • You can easily share your creative musical audio with your friends and family worldwide

How to Install Garageband for PC

That’s true you can easily grab this wonderful music composing app into your PC. This app has everything which the music composer needed. If you are a music lover and want to install this app in your PC, read on.

  • First download Bluestacks into your windows 7/8/10 or Mac computer.
  • Bluestacks helps in transferring android apps into personal computer.
  • If bluestacks is successfully installed in your computer open it.
  • You will be following one screen where you need to use search and install tab.
  • Search button is to find your favorite app in Google play store while install tab is to download that app.
  • So follow as mentioned above type Garageband in search bar and quickly hit on install tab.
  • Installation process is started, be it for few minutes till the installation process is not completed.
  • If the installation process is successfully done go back to Bluestacks>ALL>APPs page.

Give a mouse click on music maniac pro, and you are ready going for using this app in PC. You have nothing to pay for Garageband for PC process. Active internet speed will make your work faster and easier. Enjoy learning music with the wonderful music composing app.



wifi analitycsv app

Netgear Extender Benefits

Sometimes WIFi doesn’t reach to some dead spots like metal appliances, architectural interface and some hide spots. This needs a powerful WiFi range extenders to reach the internet network to that dead spots. Netgear extender is a powerful WIFi booster can reach to that dead corners and give you the powerful internet connections any place and corner of the house.

It gives you good internet connectivity speed through receiving the wireless signals with powerful amplifiers and antennas. It extends the efficiency of router and so you can use good internet speed in all your devices like Smartphone, tablets or desktops.

wifi analitycsv app

This is really a good source to extend the performance of WiFi. It is a best mediator to connect the dead zone vs WiFi connection. It has a good efficiency to work on the WiFi trouble spot. You can increase the efficiency of WiFi through purchasing the Netgear extender matches with existing router. For example if you have a AC1200 router then select the dual band the same extender to boos the WiFi speed.

You can also optimize and search the WiFi strength signals through WiFi analytics App. This will help you in showing which spot is the weakest spot to reach your signals. Once you install Netgear extender you can also check how much efficiency of WiFi booster has improved and you can monitor signal strength.

If you are looking for to purchase the WiFi extenders there are two options. First you can plug the netgear wifi extender directly into the wall. It is also called wall-plug extender which is really a good option to suit your home environment. There is another option of desktop extender. It is also a good choice for the one to what five Ethernet five ports to connect more wired devices and USB storage options.

Netgear extender helps in promoting the efficiency of Wifi efficiency and removes the hurdles coming in between the router and the dead space. It is really a good option for the large homes, offices where the signals strength is poor. This will improve the signal strength and thereby helps you to identify WiFi network with the least traffic and interference.


Whatsapp is rated at the top in social networking sites. And now it becomes the most important mean to connect the family and friends worldwide. No worries if you don’t possess Smartphone. You can download this app in your computer and get connected with your family and friends all around the world. It is very important for the PC users to learn how to download sb game hacker.  There is no direct way to install Whatsapp in laptop or desktop. We have shown you the super easy guidelines which will help you in converting this app in PC Please follow the step by step method we have mentioned over here under.

How to Install Whatsapp for PC

Whatsapp app for pc

It is very important for the PC users to download Bluestacks android emulator. If you are not aware of what is android emulator, let us show you the key features of this emulator software.

  • Bluestacks is an android emulator transfers the android applications in PC.
  • It is user friendly, resumes faster than any.
  • Bluestacks App Player is absolutely free to download from Google play store.
  • It converts almost all the android games and social networking sites in PC.

How to install Whatsapp through bluestacks

  • First download bluestacks.
  • You must have good internet connection speed for this.
  • Now open this downloaded bluestacks app player in your computer screen.
  • In the upper left side search column will appear, type Whatsapp in that column.
  • Now downward install tab will display, click on this install tab.
  • Whatsapp is downloading, wait for some time.
  • Once it gets finished, immediately go back to home page.
  • See Whatsapp icon and click on this.
  • From now you are ready to use this app.

See how simple is this. You can easily download cartoon app in your Windows computer without paying any extra cost or charges. We have provided all kinds of information related to download Whatsapp in PC.

We always find happiness in sharing our momentous pictures and moments to our family and friends. And Snapchat is a wonderful app helps us to share photos and videos to closest ones. . Snapchat is a wonderful photo messaging application and Smartphone and android devices are free to install this. Obviously the person wants to view the bigger and better picture quality. Undoubtedly Snapchat for PC guidelines are going to help you in viewing everything perfectly and vidmate apk download help you to free download videos and many more. You can’t install this app directly in desktop from Google and that’s why we have shown you the subordinate way from which you can help the app to convert in your PC. Before chasing Snapchat for PC guidelines, let’s find out why Snapchat is so popular.

Snapchat important features

ü A wonderful photo messaging app helps you to share photos and videos to friends and family.

Snapchat for PC

ü Around 100 million daily users spend 25 to 30 minutes to share a snap.

ü Send a small speech or short messages with screenshots.

ü Also allows finding the Snapchat users or contacts worldwide.

ü Simple user friendly interface experiences you comfort sharing snaps with others.

Snapchat for PC Guide Online

Unless and until you don’t have camera and microphones in your PC, there is no use of installing this app in PC. You also need an active internet speed to download android emulator in your PC. You can link android apps with PC through bluestacks only. It is the single and trusted way to set the Snapchat in windows computer. So let’s get started with the procedure now.

Snapchat for PC Downloads

ü Run Bluestacks app player in PC.

ü Once you installed bluestacks in PC, you are able to search and download Snapchat app.

ü Bluestacks will link with the Google account and command to search the Snapchat.

ü Once you type snapchat in search box, quickly move to install tab and double click on it.

ü Your app is installed now, move to the first page of bluestacks app player.

ü Find the Snapchat app and click on it.

Once you open the Snapchat in your pc you will be able to get synchronized with the people you know or in your contacts list. You may also download free roms and games. And also you can enjoy viewing everything clean and clear with HD screens of PC.

Are you willing to receive a free update of the WhatsApp? Well over the years the spectacular app has been used a lot and indeed there has been quite a huge thing which has almost spread out to every part of the world. Indeed, there are quite a few numbers of people who calls it as one of the greatest things to go for, and the WhatsApp Video Calling Feature Free Download APK is a just beautiful setback for you to have. Indeed, the innovation of the WhatsApp Video Calling Feature Free Download free tutuapp has made life easier for quicker video calls and sharing messages. So what you need to do is to go online and then search for the perfect thing to go for.

WhatsApp Video Calling download

Step 1:

To get started the first thing that you need to do is to find out a good emulator. Often we do need an emulator just because the files which we are downloading are not supported. So to get it you first need to download the file and then get the best out of your needs. Well, what you need to do is download Bluestacks and then get away with it.

Step 2:

The next thing that you need to do is to open the application and then get along with the needs of this. To start off with the facilities, you now have to click on to the Install option beside it and the start on to download the file. Also download kindle for Mac form our blog.

WhatsApp Video Calling

Step 3:

Now that you have finished on the downloading procedure, you need to get started by clicking on to the terms and the conditions of the application and the finally install it to your PC. So now you can get the Clash royale game apk app downloaded quickly just without the help of anything.

Are you an avid lover of books? Do you think that books and other comics should only come with hard covers? Well if you are not so backdated then it is quite common for you to use the different Kindle applications. The KINDLE For Mac is just an excellent use to get which one loves to get and indeed quite compatible of getting it done. So if you are willing to get the full use of it what you have to do is to download the KINDLE For Mac from the trusted online sites and then get use of it. Well the photo grid collage maker free download For Mac is not readily available on the online sites, and you need to follow a few steps to get it done. Gone are those days of hardcover and the likes of turning pages. So what you need to do is to download the KINDLE For Mac and then get one of the biggest things to go for.


Step 1:

To download the KINDLE For Mac, you first need to fulfill a few steps which will include you to get the file for free. So what you have to do is to download Bluestacks emulator and then get started with it. Once you have downloaded the KINDLE for Mac, you can now quickly search for the file and then look up for it.

Step 2:

Just give your first click on to the Install option download TuTuApp of the archive to get started with the download of the file that helps you to download it. You will see that the download will get started automatically.

Step 3:

Once it has finished up downloading you now have to click on all the agreements and then accept the installation.

So to download the application you just need to fulfill a few steps to go for.

Well! Are you in love with Minions now? The movie Minions was an awesome hit right? Yes! I am talking about those sweet, funny characters in yellow banana like shaped. Minions are now loved by almost everyone. People love sharing minion quotes, minion images etc on various social networking platform. If you are so much eager to share some funny as well as inspiring minion quotes, well then you are at the right place to get some of the funny Minion memes below. I’m sure you are going to seriously like them. Please read below to find out the minions quotes.


Some of the Popular Minion Quotes are:

  1. I only make time for the ones who make time for me.
  2. Well! Most of the women are afraid of clowns but don’t know how they often fall in love with one.
  3. I’m certainly going to retire and along with that live off my savings. But I don’t know what to do on the very second day!
  4. We are BFF….. Well! I will definitely pick you up once you fall but only after laughing!
  5. Well! Talking to your best friend is often a therapy much needed!
  6. Has it ever happen that you looked at someone and felt annoyed certainly?
  7. A good mood is just like a balloon…. One little prick is all it needs to ruin the mood!
  8. At night I can’t just sleep….. At morning I can’t wake up!
  9. Sometimes the person who tries to keep everyone happy is the lonely one in life!
  10. It’s okay! You have pushed the fast forward button on my weekend!

I hope all the above Funny minion quotes will be likeable to you. These are just some examples among the wide range of Mother’s day quotes 2016. Well! I would love if you share them and get inspired!

Are you among the ones who are die-heart pokemon lovers? Well! If yes, then I have got interesting and amazing news for the Pokemon Lovers. You can now download your favourite Pokemon games on your PC now. It is one of the most popular games from 1999 and recently they have launched a new game named Framaroot apk for android or iOS mobiles. But since you happiness is our aim, we have brought you the sets of instructions on how to download the Pokemon Shuffle for your PC or laptop. Well! With the instructions you will also be able to download other Pokemon games too.

How to download the Pokemon Shuffle for your PC or laptop?

Well! Pokemon Shuffle is an android or mobile game. And to download it on your PC, you simply need to install an android emulator software-recommended Bluestacks or Droid4x. The android emulator helps you to download any android games or app on your PC and gives you the access to the android world.

Downloading Bluestacks or Droid4x is very easy and simple. Well! After you finish downloading the emulator app, launch the app.


Steps to Download Pokemon Shuffle for Pc:

I will here explain you the process of installing Pokemon Shuffle using Droid4x emulator app.

1. After downloading Droid4x, launch the app.

2. Then click on the Google Play store to launch the Play Store App.

3. Type “Pokemon Shuffle” and hit the enter key to get the search results.

4. Now you will get to see the app s and games based on Pokemon. You can choose any app or games or simply select the Pokemon Shuffle Mobile App.

5. Once you select the preferred option, you will be redirected to the installation page.

6. Now simply select the install button Nox App Player and wait for few minutes. Note: The installation time may vary with the internet connection speed.

7. After the downloading is complete simply launch the game from your desktop and enjoy playing it.

Well! That’s it. Isn’t it simple enough to download your favourite android games or apps on your PC? If yes! Then Go ahead and download.