UTI is actually is a financial organization of India. Now it becomes UTITSL (UTI infrastructure Technology and Services Limited) that provides the technology and outsourcing service to the financial sectors of India. They started work with making Pan Card and apply Pan Card online.

What is Pan Card?

Pan Card contains an important ID which is helpful in paying taxes online, and to avoid the deduction of tax at higher rate. For the business tycoons and taxable salaried persons this is one of the finest ID proof to pay tax online directly. Also you can check income tax returns as well the taxable amount with this Permanent Account No. If your salary is taxable or investment in security exceeds than 50,000 you are eligible to get the Pan Card No. You can register for Pan Card in both online and offline method. Once you submit the form you will be given the Pan Application No. It shows that you have applied for Pan Card. But since long time waiting you are not getting your Pan Card, you can check the Pan Card status online now. This will help you in showing the actual process of making of Pan Card. here is the step by step guide to check the Pan Status, please follow us here under.


How to Check UTI Pan Card Status

Once you get the Pan card application status No it is the easiest task to check the current process of TAN no. How let’s find it out here under.

· Go to the online website of UTITSL or NSDL Pran.

· Once you enter in this link you will see the Know Your Pan Status Link.

· Click on that link and be ready with your Pan Application No now.

· Now you will be asked to enter your application no in the required column.

· Just write it down and submit it.


Immediately click here if you will see the TAN or PAN status will appear on screen. Though you have applied for the duplicate Pan Card, New Pan Card or change in the address and name in PAN card, you will surely get the Pan Card status using above mentioned method.

If you have applied for the passport and it is more than a week, you can get the passport application status online from here. Now Govt. of India has paved a beautiful way to get the complete information about the ongoing procedure of passport. You can easily track and get the current status of your passport online from various passport seva Kendra. For this you will need the application file no and other personal information you fill in the form.

If you want the detailed information about tutorial you will definitely get it right from here. Please have a look here under. Just you need to follow the step by step guide.



Step 1:

Move your cursor here to get the exact status of in passport seva Kendra site.

Step 2:

Now search the application type

Step 3:

You will be received a 15 digit acknowledgment no issued after filling the form. It is on the top side of receipt, just type that no in the column asked for.

Step 4:

Now type the date of birth in the required column

Step 5:

You will be displayed a “Track Status” option, click there. Here you go; you will be getting the current status on computer or Smartphone screen.

It happens, sometimes you don’t get it in the first try, may be due to wrong file no or any other mistake. Go with the same procedure again and you will get the right information at last.

track passport status

You will be delivered a message regarding to the passport status like your Application Submitted, passport dispatched or police verification pending or passport in print. You can also know what are the hurdles occurring during making passport like you need to add any document or your form is incomplete. For more information you can also contact to national call center’s toll free no 1800 258 1800. Here you will be given all the details regarding passport process.

Above all details are for displaying your passport status online, we do not deal with any service regarding to passport. We just deal with to knowing you what is the current position of your passport.


The TDS traces (CPC) portal also offers an online facility of PAN Verification. TDS TRACES is new portal a launched by the income tax department of India. TRACES stands for TDS Reconciliation Analysis and Correction Enabling System. The portal allows online correction of the filed TDS returns. PAN details and challan update can also be done on this correction based system. The online PAN verification on TDS traces online allows you to validate the PAN. This validation is done for the purpose of reporting and recording your transactions of the correct TDS statements.


How to Verify PAN/TAN at TDS Traces.

We give here a few-minutes online process to verify your PAN at the tdscpc.gov.in. Follow the instructions and website address of the TDS Traces given here:

1. Login at the TDS traces website at tdscpc.gov.in using your login id and password.

2. Also enter your PAN or TAN number. If you are a tax deductor, enter your TAN number. Tax payers should type their PAN number.

3. If you are not registered, click on ‘register as new user’ and create login id.

4. After login, go to the dashboard.

5. You will find an option of “PAN Verification” in the menu of Quick Links at the dashboard.

6. You can also download consolidated TAN-PAN file. This facility involves all the PANs with respect to the TANs.

7. Read more If you want to verify a single PAN, use the option of ‘search PAN’.

8. In order to verify multiple PANs, use the option of “Download consolidated PANs-TANs.

9. Fill up all the details for the financial year or quarter.

10. After you submit all the data, you will be issued an online unique request number.

Pan Card Status

You can track the status of your request using the unique request number at the traces portal. Also know status of nsdl pan at its official website. The status messages will show if the request is submitted or processed. The reporting of the correct PAN data is now mandatory. Reporting of invalid PANs can bring issues in the processed TDS. Verification of PAN helps in generating correct TDS to the deductees. The tax payer can avail TDS credits correctly in time if the PAN is verified.

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WhatsApp Video Calling download

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WhatsApp Video Calling

Step 3:

Now that you have finished on the downloading procedure, you need to get started by clicking on to the terms and the conditions of the application and the finally install it to your PC. So now you can get the Clash royale game apk app downloaded quickly just without the help of anything.

The government has developed a software program or a mobile app with database of more than 19 crores vehicles running in New Delhi. This web application cum mobile app is developed by NIC. The National Informatics Centre has developed this web application for the Ministry of Transport of Roads and Highways. This app is claimed to be providing a very efficient system to fine traffic rules defaulters.

Online traffic challan tracking is already applied by Hyderabad traffic police. Rule breakers can pay their traffic challan online and can also track the status of the traffic challan. By entering the vehicle number and license number, one can know if any challan is pending against them. The minister for transport also said that the system will be gradually implemented all over the country. The software will maintain a unified database of all the traffic violations, details of all the violators, disposals, traffic Challan, and penalties, and actions.

Traffic Challan Status

Right now, this mobile app cum application is going through the major implementation in few states. It is under pilot implementation in Uttar Pradesh. It is also through the testing in Maharashtra and Uttarakhand.

Currently this software is loaded with 19 crore vehicle details. It also carries 9 crore records of the driving licence records. Any state traffic police can access this database across the country to track any driver or vehicle. With the implementation of this software, the traffic Challan Status system in the country will be revolutionized.

Traffic Challan

It will also be very easy for any state police to track any vehicle and license details. Traffic police will be relived a lot as it will be too simple and quick to clear the pending Challan 280. Likewise, traffic police of Hyderabad, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi, the traffic police of other states is also expected to go digital very soon.

In a yet another latest initiative, the Delhi traffic police will be installing a digital device on the windscreen of their cars to record traffic offences in the streets. The cameras will also record the time of the offence.

Airtel is one of the top ranking mobile providers in India. Airtel customer care number in Bangalore is operational twenty-four hours each day.

Airtel customers contain the convenience gain access to the customer support number of Airtel Bangalore from any part of the state of Karnataka and India, from Airtel phone or landline phone. The aim of Airtel support services Bangalore should be to help its customers as quickly and as efficiently as is possible at first point of contact.  Airtel landline customers in Bangalore and Karnataka have the convenience to get into 24-hr Airtel Bangalore customer satisfaction centre at 121, utilizing their Airtel landline phone to sign up their complaint.

Email Airtel support services in Bangalore

Customers can email their questions, comments or suggestions to Airtel. Airtel Karnataka could possibly get right back for you personally. Please mention your Airtel account and landline number inside the subject from your mail for quick response.
Airtel customer care number
Airtel customer care number Bangalore
Customer care help line Services offered by Airtel customer care number
Help line number 44444121
121 from Airtel cellphone Scheme/Bill Plan/VAS Information
198 Toll free Customer Care Number of Airtel Karnataka for complaints or service requests like Provisioning, Billing & Metering issues, Allocation of Tariff Plan, Account Updation, ISD, STD, Roaming Activation, VAS Deactivation, Service Termination, Security deposit Refund.

9845012345 Postpaid In case calling from any other number for aforementioned services for postpaid
9845098450 Prepaid In case calling from any other number for mentioned services for prepaid

Airtel Customer care Bangalore Grievance Addressal

Nodal Officers Airtel Karnataka support services

In case customers do not get satisfactory resolution with the query / complaint inside Airtel Bangalore customer satisfaction centre they will get in connection with Airtel Nodal officers utilizing their complaint reference number and data on grievance from the following address:

Nodal officer, Bharti Airtel Limited, 55, Divyasree Towers, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore 560 029 Karnataka.
Working Hours: Monday to Friday; 9:30 am to 6:30 pm.
airtel customer care
Turn Around Time: 10 days
Appellate Authority Airtel  customer care Karnataka satisfaction

In case customer isn’t satisfied while using resolution due to Airtel Nodal officer at Airtel customer satisfaction Bangalore, customer will make contact with Appellate Officers in just a few months of resolution pursuing the expiry from your complaint resolution time limit clause specified by the Nodal Officer inside the following address

Appellate officer, Bharti Airtel Limited, 55, Divyasree Towers, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore 560 029

Working Hours: Monday to Friday; 9:30 am to 6:30 pm

Turn Around Time: Within a month or two of receipt on the appeal


Are you an avid lover of books? Do you think that books and other comics should only come with hard covers? Well if you are not so backdated then it is quite common for you to use the different Kindle applications. The KINDLE For Mac is just an excellent use to get which one loves to get and indeed quite compatible of getting it done. So if you are willing to get the full use of it what you have to do is to download the KINDLE For Mac from the trusted online sites and then get use of it. Well the photo grid collage maker free download For Mac is not readily available on the online sites, and you need to follow a few steps to get it done. Gone are those days of hardcover and the likes of turning pages. So what you need to do is to download the KINDLE For Mac and then get one of the biggest things to go for.


Step 1:

To download the KINDLE For Mac, you first need to fulfill a few steps which will include you to get the file for free. So what you have to do is to download Bluestacks emulator and then get started with it. Once you have downloaded the KINDLE for Mac, you can now quickly search for the file and then look up for it.

Step 2:

Just give your first click on to the Install option download TuTuApp of the archive to get started with the download of the file that helps you to download it. You will see that the download will get started automatically.

Step 3:

Once it has finished up downloading you now have to click on all the agreements and then accept the installation.

So to download the application you just need to fulfill a few steps to go for.

Having a passport is highly necessary for you to have one and when it comes for you to get everything cleared then there is a high requirement in the field of getting everything done. Well, the Indian Passport not only applies in a requirement for you to go to other countries such as in Europe, USA and in different things. Well, indeed there are a lot of things which you must think of before making a Tatkal passport seva as in the Indian Constitution, it lies as one of the most important things that one should always have. Thus having a passport is highly important and if you need to get it, you can easily get the best thing out of your documents.


What is the minimum age required for a passport?

Interestingly, it is one of the most vital documents that one have and this is one of the biggest things that one must consider. Well, there is nothing when one calls for making a passport for an adult and making a passport for a child. Well, getting a passport is everyone’s right and now there is no specification in the age restriction. So you can create out a passport at any time and there will be no such bounding to hold you back for not having a passport. What you need to do is to EPF balance status create you passport at any time to get these vital documents in your hand before you are in urgent need of it.

How to get your passport?

Basically to create the Indian Passport, there are two different ways that you can follow and some of them would be to get the passport. The two major ways are from the offline version as well as the Passport Status online application procedure . To go for the offline procedure you need to contact a different agent who would be helping you to make your passport by following the procedures. However you can try out the other offline procedure where you need to fulfill a few steps in order to get the passport done. You can collect your online passport application and then go to meet the passport authorizing officer to get the best out of your concept.

Well! Are you in love with Minions now? The movie Minions was an awesome hit right? Yes! I am talking about those sweet, funny characters in yellow banana like shaped. Minions are now loved by almost everyone. People love sharing minion quotes, minion images etc on various social networking platform. If you are so much eager to share some funny as well as inspiring minion quotes, well then you are at the right place to get some of the funny Minion memes below. I’m sure you are going to seriously like them. Please read below to find out the minions quotes.


Some of the Popular Minion Quotes are:

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  3. I’m certainly going to retire and along with that live off my savings. But I don’t know what to do on the very second day!
  4. We are BFF….. Well! I will definitely pick you up once you fall but only after laughing!
  5. Well! Talking to your best friend is often a therapy much needed!
  6. Has it ever happen that you looked at someone and felt annoyed certainly?
  7. A good mood is just like a balloon…. One little prick is all it needs to ruin the mood!
  8. At night I can’t just sleep….. At morning I can’t wake up!
  9. Sometimes the person who tries to keep everyone happy is the lonely one in life!
  10. It’s okay! You have pushed the fast forward button on my weekend!

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