Game Guardian Apk

Game Guardian is game hack/alteration tool. This game modifies you the scores, money, coins, and germs in an offline game. This game also requires root access so you need a rooted device for the hacking game. It is one of the games which allow you to modify video game content. It works based on code injection during the runtime to modify the parameters you want and you also play Wordbrain2 game in Android.

One feature is GameGuardian is to the ability to modify the internal clock and the device of the application itself to get immediate improvements in a video game that normally makes you wait a certain number of hours for a building to built or to get your energy back to download app also use Android TuTuAPP. Let’s know the application features below:

Game Gaurdian

Features: GameGuardian

  • Search feature: Encrypt value.
  • A search of unknown values when specifying the difference between values.
  • Search address by the mask.
  • Explicit and “fuzzy” numeric searches.
  • Text searches.
  • Time jump feature.
  • Dump memory.
  • Copy memory.
  • Customizable UI.

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Installation step for GameGuardian

If you want to download the Apk in the android device then setting of your android device could be changed by following steps:

  1. You should press the setting icon on your Android device and then search for security setting.
  2. On pressing security setting there is so many options are open.
  3. Then press on Unknown Source option. Now enable it and you are now able to download and install Animeflv Apk without getting any kind of error.
  4. Now you could to download APK file.
  5. Being a lite application, the downloading process would be finished in just a few minutes.
  6. After downloading of the Animeflv Apk press on apk file from your phone.
  7. Then the install button should be press. The installation process takes few second for completing the installation process.

How to use GameGuardian

  • Make sure GameGuardian running.
  • Open game and find value you want to change(Cash, HP etc)
  • Press icon, search tab and press search and enter the number.
  • Go back to the game and change the value in some way.(gain money etc)
  • Go back to GG and search again for the new value and your result will be narrowed down.
  • Long press on value and enter the desired value.


GameGuardian provides multiple search option which allows you to find score value even if they aren’t entered exactly. It has the ability to change the internal clock. With it, you can modify money, HP, SP, and much more. Let’s download and enjoy the fun part of a game without suffering from its unseasonable design.




Wordbrain 2 Games Download

Word brain 2 is an amazing mind improving the game. In this game, you need to find the hidden word. In word brain, you need swap the word using your fingers and solve the puzzle collapse. Complete the level with themed puzzle and advanced for being a simple word newbie to a super word mastermind.


Description:  Word brain 2

The increasing level of difficulty, with themes ranging from food to space, will challenge even the toughest brain cases out there. Each puzzle has a theme like music or family. Your task is to find a hidden word on each of the level. All the world are hidden in them.

Look at the playing field carefully. Each cell contains a letter. Word Brain2 is lovingly created by MAG interactive, where you can take amazing fun. Join a global audience of more than 100 million players. In this game, the first couple of level is simple and easy the coming levels get harder and harder. Dive in to know the features.

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Features: Word brain 2

  • Free to play.
  • 77 unique themes.
  • 690 brain twisting levels.
  • Exciting game play.
  • Eye-pleasuring graphics.

Advance Features: Word brain 2

  • Brainiacs!
  • No nasty bugs to see here, only improvements!
  • Happy Playing!

Installation steps of Word brain 2

As we know the Word brain 2 games are themed base interesting game. So I think you are curious to play this kind of game. So why wait to connect your device to an internet connection.

  1. Open the ‘Play Store’ on your Android device.
  2. In the Google Play Store search the Word brain 2game application.
  3. Find all result related to the application in the Google Play Store.
  4. Now select that and select Install for Download the interesting game.
  5. It takes few minutes so wait for few minutes to take an advantage of playing Word brain 2 games.
  6. After installation complete, you can use your application and enjoy the game. You can try another type of game like Lineage 2 Revolution Apk.


Word brain2’s one of the best points is its amazing graphics and theme in which the puzzle is available. The game features are for brain cases activity so it is so good for shaping the brain. And when you are actively participating in this kind of game you always feel like fresh and active. So let’s make your mood fresh.





Dotzot dispatch administration was started in 1985 with a point of turning into a productive way to entryway administration for different organizations. In 2000, it set up its business sector in eastern and northern locales of India as well. As of now, Dotzot’s system achieves more 1100 destinations and covers more than 12000 pin codes crosswise over nation. More than 1, 00,000 of day by day shipments are conveyed all over India. Dotzot is likewise now banding together with driving e-business for their conveyance of requests to buyers on money down premise as well. The Company has its head office at Mumbai and is overseen by youthful and eager chiefs. Dotzot Courier Services Pvt. Providing the best dispatch Services in International and National business sector.

Services of Dotzot Courier Company

Dotzot Courier

Dotzot works with its system of 1200 conveyance and booking focuses in India to give quick administration through different methods of surface conveyance, air payload and rail mode. Taking after business arrangements are accessible with Dotzot:

  1. Way to entryway conveyance and get. You can likewise make an online get demand with Dotzot.
  2. Request satisfaction answer for e-trade industry with stock administration, bundling, logistic and money down administration for its customers.
  3. Shipment of significant products, for example, modern apparatuses, mining materials, basic records like travel permit and permit, pieces of clothing and so on are completed with help of GPS following framework that gives continuous following.

How to track Dotzot Courier Online

To know the status of your Dotzot delegates, use A simple to utilize online mechanical get together to finish your dispatches sent distinctive errand individual affiliations offers you an amazing approach to manage check you conveyance individual by selecting the emissary relationship as Dotzot and filling in your docket no. in the related field. Click on PNR number other choice to view where your dispatch has achieved now and when it will be gone on to you.


Dotzot got itself recorded in a versatile application known as Haptik that gives data and client backing to above 200 dispatch organizations progressively and private way. Rather than calling client bolster, you can get your dispatch announcements through whatsapp. The best some portion of make over by Dotzot client emotionally supportive network is that another medium is given over to clients by utilizing which they can tackle their inquiries without a moment’s delay. Issues like get demand and change of location can likewise be insinuated to Dotzot without making calls.


Tutu helper is the best app to download the paid apps in the android phones for absolutely free. Yes this is right you can enjoy the fun of installing various apps which are not easily available for free use. In app stores you might find various types of application that are paid apps. You need to pay for downloading such kind of apps. Tutu helper can give you the freedom of installing this kind of app for absolutely free. Tutu helper apk is a source that everyone is willing to have in their smartphones.

Tutu App Helper

Tutu App Features

  • Tutu App is a Chinese app that helps you in downloading paid apps for free.
  • It works smoothly in all operating systems to give the irresistible fun of using paid apps for free.
  • This is available in Chinese language you need to download in the Google translate page and you can use this application as directed.
  • You need not to go any app store and then download it; you can directly download the apps using this app.
  • For android phones this app is free to install.
  • It is a best alternative of Share app.
  • The third party app saves your time and money for going into Google play store and spends money on application.

How to Download TuTu Helper APK for Android

This is a smart choice for the android users. But this app is not launched for the android users. Anyways still android users can download these useful applications through TuTu APK file.

  • First of all install the Tutu Helper APK file from here.
  • Unlock your android phone and go for settings> security and unknown source menu.
  • Now install the APK Installer file.
  • Now open the installed APK in your Smartphone open the APK and click on install button.
  • Tutu app will be directly installed into your Smartphone.
  • Now the time is to use this app, open this app.
  • Do as directed and grant all the requests of app.

It will be available in Chinese language, use Google translate to understand all the necessary information.

This is how android users can download Scr Pro APK for into their smart devices. Enjoy running paid apps into your device for free by installing Tutu helper into your device.

Garageband is a great musical app developed by Apple. It’s a great opportunity for the music professionals to create their own tracks and musical sounds without paying any extra cost for it. You can play Garageband for only android devices, iOS and Apple phones. PC users are also searching to download this music learning app for windows. Keep in mind your needs we have come with the beautiful guidelines of how install Garageband for PC. You can keep safe your creative sound tracks in the safest system of computer. Below are the Super easy techniques to download Garageband in Windows 7/ 8/ 10 or XP.

Garageband Features

  • You can mix and arrange your tracks as per your wish
  • Music lovers can’t live without it. It has best beats to create your favorite music
  • This app permits to make all your music productions in the web
  • shareit for pc manual is available for the basic learners
  • It has a great ability to save your precious music creations in cloud
  • You can easily share your creative musical audio with your friends and family worldwide

How to Install Garageband for PC

That’s true you can easily grab this wonderful music composing app into your PC. This app has everything which the music composer needed. If you are a music lover and want to install this app in your PC, read on.

  • First download Bluestacks into your windows 7/8/10 or Mac computer.
  • Bluestacks helps in transferring android apps into personal computer.
  • If bluestacks is successfully installed in your computer open it.
  • You will be following one screen where you need to use search and install tab.
  • Search button is to find your favorite app in Google play store while install tab is to download that app.
  • So follow as mentioned above type Garageband in search bar and quickly hit on install tab.
  • Installation process is started, be it for few minutes till the installation process is not completed.
  • If the installation process is successfully done go back to Bluestacks>ALL>APPs page.

Give a mouse click on music maniac pro, and you are ready going for using this app in PC. You have nothing to pay for Garageband for PC process. Active internet speed will make your work faster and easier. Enjoy learning music with the wonderful music composing app.



If you are planning to buy a new car and this obviously one of the important decision. In such cases we can’t change it once we purchased a particular one, and as it’s a big investment. So we have to aware of having a car about their mileage, speed, maintenance, many other things we need to make confirm before purchasing any car.

There are many companies those who have different varieties of a car with different ranges, only we have to decide which one is best for our and is in our budget by comparing the mileage, speed and many other we select the car. As there are various factors on which we have to compare for the best. Major cars have the best facilities and more comfort but their mileage is not too good which is not common for the economy person.

Depending on the mileage

When it comes to mileage most people think diesel. Also, most manufacturers are also advertising the mileage figures of the diesel counterparts of most vehicles. When we want to purchase a new car we firstly look for the mileage, Running costs are always important to any petrol car buyer or diesel car buyers. So, quite obviously, the question arises- Which are the most fuel efficient petrol cars in India on sale right now, the best mileage petrol cars in India are obvious entries. Comparing with same budget used cars  and select the one which gives you the more mileage.

used car in Mumbai for sale

Engine Type/ Displacement

Another thing we have to compare which is the size of engine, it is otherwise referred to as its capacity or displacement. Its measure how much space the piston of the engine operates in? A larger number shows each piston is capable to push more air and fuel through the car’s engine every time it moves.

The number is expressed in ‘cc’ (cubic centimeter) and on engines with efficiency more than 1,000cc it’s usually rounded up to the nearest tenth of a liter.


Power is defined as the rate of work is finished within a certain period of time, that’s the speed at that energy is transferred by force. The motility force that’s generated by the engine is named force.

RPM is that the short for “rotation per minute”. Visit here for more detail about the speed at that the engine is rotating the regulator. Combustion (IC) engines don’t turn out same power the least bit engine speeds, thus there would be AN engine speed (RPM) at that the engine would be generating scoop power. Same is that the case with force.

Transmission (Gearbox) .

In automatic, the gear is managed by the car itself according to the speed. When we apply brake we have to decrease the acceleration and on the same time car need to gear down, in automatic it is managed itself. Whereas in the manual we have to manage the gear shifting every time when we accelerate and when we decrease the acceleration we have to shift down the gear.

Comparing this common factor we and their price we always select car. Select the a car which is best in your budget comparing all these terms.

RTGS Fund Transfer Online

RTGS Fund Transfer

Find how to transfer money via RTGS? This is the  guest post by  Here you can get tips that how to do RTGS Fund Transfer.

RTGS also known as Real Time Gross Settlement, as defined by the RBI, is a continuous and a real-time settlement of fund transfers individually on an order-by-order basis. The transfer takes place from bank to bank and not between individuals.

‘Real Time’ means the processing of instructions at the time they are received rather than at some later time, which means that the transactions are settled as soon as they are processed; ‘Gross Settlement’ means the settlement of funds transfer instructions occurs individually.

RTGS Fund Transfer Online

This means that the transactions are settled on a one-on-one basis without any bundling or netting with any other transaction. Here a settlement means that once processed, payments are final and irrevocable.

RTGS Fund Transactions

RTGS transactions are usually used to facilitate high value transactions that require and receive immediate clearing. RTGS is always used with a sense of urgency as in some countries it is always used to settle transactions when either parties are in urgent need of money.

The RTGS system is monitored and controlled by the countries central bank, in this case, that would be the Reserve Bank of India. It is purely electronic in nature without any physical movement of money. This electronic transfer is done so as to reduce the amount of risk involved in fund transfer in high amounts.

The best RTGS national payment system, cover up to 95% of high-value transactions within the national monetary market.

RTGS Fund Transfer

RTGS systems are an alternative to systems of settling transactions at the end of the day, also known as the net settlement system, such as the BACS system in the United Kingdom.

In a net settlement system, all the inter-institution transactions during the day are accumulated, and at the end of the day, the central bank adjusts the accounts of the institutions by the net amounts of these transactions.

Most of the RTGS systems in place are secure and have been designed around international standards and best practices.

RTGS differs from NEFT in the settlement time. In the case of NEFT, there are batches defined for settlement and if a transaction crosses the stated time, it has to wait for the next batch to be processed.

Transactions in RTGS are processed continuously throughout the working hours. So we can say that the RTGS system works on a more spontaneous basis compared to the NEFT system. Also the NEFT system is based on transfer of funds between individuals and not banks.

Minimum amount of transfer required for RTGS is Rs. 2 lakh. There is no upper limit, though.  The beneficiary bank has to credit the beneficiary’s account within two hours of receiving the funds transfer message.

RTGS Fund Transfer Service

The service window for RTGS at banks is available from 9am to 4.30pm on week- days and from 9am to 1.30pm on Saturdays for settlement at the RBI end. For RTGS, inward transactions (when you receive funds through RTGS) are free.

For outward transactions (when you send funds via RTGS), if the amount is between Rupees 2 lakh and Rupees 5 lakh, the charges will be up to Rupees 30 per transaction. If the amount transferred is above Rupees 5 lakhs, the charges can’t exceed Rupees 55 per transaction.

“Hint: Find IFSC code, SWIFT code, MICR code of all Indian bank branches for any online transactions from”

wifi analitycsv app

Netgear Extender Benefits

Sometimes WIFi doesn’t reach to some dead spots like metal appliances, architectural interface and some hide spots. This needs a powerful WiFi range extenders to reach the internet network to that dead spots. Netgear extender is a powerful WIFi booster can reach to that dead corners and give you the powerful internet connections any place and corner of the house.

It gives you good internet connectivity speed through receiving the wireless signals with powerful amplifiers and antennas. It extends the efficiency of router and so you can use good internet speed in all your devices like Smartphone, tablets or desktops.

wifi analitycsv app

This is really a good source to extend the performance of WiFi. It is a best mediator to connect the dead zone vs WiFi connection. It has a good efficiency to work on the WiFi trouble spot. You can increase the efficiency of WiFi through purchasing the Netgear extender matches with existing router. For example if you have a AC1200 router then select the dual band the same extender to boos the WiFi speed.

You can also optimize and search the WiFi strength signals through WiFi analytics App. This will help you in showing which spot is the weakest spot to reach your signals. Once you install Netgear extender you can also check how much efficiency of WiFi booster has improved and you can monitor signal strength.

If you are looking for to purchase the WiFi extenders there are two options. First you can plug the netgear wifi extender directly into the wall. It is also called wall-plug extender which is really a good option to suit your home environment. There is another option of desktop extender. It is also a good choice for the one to what five Ethernet five ports to connect more wired devices and USB storage options.

Netgear extender helps in promoting the efficiency of Wifi efficiency and removes the hurdles coming in between the router and the dead space. It is really a good option for the large homes, offices where the signals strength is poor. This will improve the signal strength and thereby helps you to identify WiFi network with the least traffic and interference.


Whatsapp is rated at the top in social networking sites. And now it becomes the most important mean to connect the family and friends worldwide. No worries if you don’t possess Smartphone. You can download this app in your computer and get connected with your family and friends all around the world. It is very important for the PC users to learn how to download sb game hacker.  There is no direct way to install Whatsapp in laptop or desktop. We have shown you the super easy guidelines which will help you in converting this app in PC Please follow the step by step method we have mentioned over here under.

How to Install Whatsapp for PC

Whatsapp app for pc

It is very important for the PC users to download Bluestacks android emulator. If you are not aware of what is android emulator, let us show you the key features of this emulator software.

  • Bluestacks is an android emulator transfers the android applications in PC.
  • It is user friendly, resumes faster than any.
  • Bluestacks App Player is absolutely free to download from Google play store.
  • It converts almost all the android games and social networking sites in PC.

How to install Whatsapp through bluestacks

  • First download bluestacks.
  • You must have good internet connection speed for this.
  • Now open this downloaded bluestacks app player in your computer screen.
  • In the upper left side search column will appear, type Whatsapp in that column.
  • Now downward install tab will display, click on this install tab.
  • Whatsapp is downloading, wait for some time.
  • Once it gets finished, immediately go back to home page.
  • See Whatsapp icon and click on this.
  • From now you are ready to use this app.

See how simple is this. You can easily download cartoon app in your Windows computer without paying any extra cost or charges. We have provided all kinds of information related to download Whatsapp in PC.

We always find happiness in sharing our momentous pictures and moments to our family and friends. And Snapchat is a wonderful app helps us to share photos and videos to closest ones. . Snapchat is a wonderful photo messaging application and Smartphone and android devices are free to install this. Obviously the person wants to view the bigger and better picture quality. Undoubtedly Snapchat for PC guidelines are going to help you in viewing everything perfectly and vidmate apk download help you to free download videos and many more. You can’t install this app directly in desktop from Google and that’s why we have shown you the subordinate way from which you can help the app to convert in your PC. Before chasing Snapchat for PC guidelines, let’s find out why Snapchat is so popular.

Snapchat important features

ü A wonderful photo messaging app helps you to share photos and videos to friends and family.

Snapchat for PC

ü Around 100 million daily users spend 25 to 30 minutes to share a snap.

ü Send a small speech or short messages with screenshots.

ü Also allows finding the Snapchat users or contacts worldwide.

ü Simple user friendly interface experiences you comfort sharing snaps with others.

Snapchat for PC Guide Online

Unless and until you don’t have camera and microphones in your PC, there is no use of installing this app in PC. You also need an active internet speed to download android emulator in your PC. You can link android apps with PC through bluestacks only. It is the single and trusted way to set the Snapchat in windows computer. So let’s get started with the procedure now.

Snapchat for PC Downloads

ü Run Bluestacks app player in PC.

ü Once you installed bluestacks in PC, you are able to search and download Snapchat app.

ü Bluestacks will link with the Google account and command to search the Snapchat.

ü Once you type snapchat in search box, quickly move to install tab and double click on it.

ü Your app is installed now, move to the first page of bluestacks app player.

ü Find the Snapchat app and click on it.

Once you open the Snapchat in your pc you will be able to get synchronized with the people you know or in your contacts list. You may also download free roms and games. And also you can enjoy viewing everything clean and clear with HD screens of PC.