Game Guardian Apk

Game Guardian is game hack/alteration tool. This game modifies you the scores, money, coins, and germs in an offline game. This game also requires root access so you need a rooted device for the hacking game. It is one of the games which allow you to modify video game content. It works based on code injection during the runtime to modify the parameters you want and you also play Wordbrain2 game in Android.

One feature is GameGuardian is to the ability to modify the internal clock and the device of the application itself to get immediate improvements in a video game that normally makes you wait a certain number of hours for a building to built or to get your energy back to download app also use Android TuTuAPP. Let’s know the application features below:

Game Gaurdian

Features: GameGuardian

  • Search feature: Encrypt value.
  • A search of unknown values when specifying the difference between values.
  • Search address by the mask.
  • Explicit and “fuzzy” numeric searches.
  • Text searches.
  • Time jump feature.
  • Dump memory.
  • Copy memory.
  • Customizable UI.

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Installation step for GameGuardian

If you want to download the Apk in the android device then setting of your android device could be changed by following steps:

  1. You should press the setting icon on your Android device and then search for security setting.
  2. On pressing security setting there is so many options are open.
  3. Then press on Unknown Source option. Now enable it and you are now able to download and install Animeflv Apk without getting any kind of error.
  4. Now you could to download APK file.
  5. Being a lite application, the downloading process would be finished in just a few minutes.
  6. After downloading of the Animeflv Apk press on apk file from your phone.
  7. Then the install button should be press. The installation process takes few second for completing the installation process.

How to use GameGuardian

  • Make sure GameGuardian running.
  • Open game and find value you want to change(Cash, HP etc)
  • Press icon, search tab and press search and enter the number.
  • Go back to the game and change the value in some way.(gain money etc)
  • Go back to GG and search again for the new value and your result will be narrowed down.
  • Long press on value and enter the desired value.


GameGuardian provides multiple search option which allows you to find score value even if they aren’t entered exactly. It has the ability to change the internal clock. With it, you can modify money, HP, SP, and much more. Let’s download and enjoy the fun part of a game without suffering from its unseasonable design.




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