If you are planning to buy a new car and this obviously one of the important decision. In such cases we can’t change it once we purchased a particular one, and as it’s a big investment. So we have to aware of having a car about their mileage, speed, maintenance, many other things we need to make confirm before purchasing any car.

There are many companies those who have different varieties of a car with different ranges, only we have to decide which one is best for our and is in our budget by comparing the mileage, speed and many other we select the car. As there are various factors on which we have to compare for the best. Major cars have the best facilities and more comfort but their mileage is not too good which is not common for the economy person.

Depending on the mileage

When it comes to mileage most people think diesel. Also, most manufacturers are also advertising the mileage figures of the diesel counterparts of most vehicles. When we want to purchase a new car we firstly look for the mileage, Running costs are always important to any petrol car buyer or diesel car buyers. So, quite obviously, the question arises- Which are the most fuel efficient petrol cars in India on sale right now, the best mileage petrol cars in India are obvious entries. Comparing with same budget used cars  and select the one which gives you the more mileage.

used car in Mumbai for sale

Engine Type/ Displacement

Another thing we have to compare which is the size of engine, it is otherwise referred to as its capacity or displacement. Its measure how much space the piston of the engine operates in? A larger number shows each piston is capable to push more air and fuel through the car’s engine every time it moves.

The number is expressed in ‘cc’ (cubic centimeter) and on engines with efficiency more than 1,000cc it’s usually rounded up to the nearest tenth of a liter.


Power is defined as the rate of work is finished within a certain period of time, that’s the speed at that energy is transferred by force. The motility force that’s generated by the engine is named force.

RPM is that the short for “rotation per minute”. Visit here for more detail about the speed at that the engine is rotating the regulator. Combustion (IC) engines don’t turn out same power the least bit engine speeds, thus there would be AN engine speed (RPM) at that the engine would be generating scoop power. Same is that the case with force.

Transmission (Gearbox) .

In automatic, the gear is managed by the car itself according to the speed. When we apply brake we have to decrease the acceleration and on the same time car need to gear down, in automatic it is managed itself. Whereas in the manual we have to manage the gear shifting every time when we accelerate and when we decrease the acceleration we have to shift down the gear.

Comparing this common factor we and their price we always select car. Select the a car which is best in your budget comparing all these terms.

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