Traffic Chalan Software

The government has developed a software program or a mobile app with the database of more than 19 crores vehicles running in New Delhi. This web application cum mobile app is developed by NIC. The National Informatics Centre has developed this web application for the Ministry of Transport of Roads and Highways. This app is claimed to be providing a very efficient system to fine traffic rules defaulters.

Online traffic challan tracking is already applied by Hyderabad traffic police. Rule breakers can pay their traffic challan online and can also track the status of the traffic challan. By entering the vehicle number and license number, one can know if any challan is pending against them. The minister for transport also said that the system will be gradually implemented all over the country. The software will maintain a unified database of all the traffic violations, details of all the violators, disposals, traffic Challan, and penalties, and actions.

Right now, this mobile app cum application is going through the major implementation in few states. It is under pilot implementation in Uttar Pradesh. It is also through the testing in Maharashtra and Uttarakhand.

Currently, this software is loaded with 19 crore vehicle details. It also carries 9 crore records of the driving license records. Any state traffic police can access this database across the country to track any driver or vehicle. With the implementation of this software, the traffic Challan Status system in the country will be revolutionized.

It will also be very easy for any state police to track any vehicle and license details. Traffic police will be relieved a lot as it will be too simple and quick to clear the pending Challan 280. Likewise, traffic police of Hyderabad, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi, the traffic police of other states are also expected to go digital very soon.

In a yet another latest initiative, the Delhi traffic police will be installing a digital device on the windscreen of their cars to record traffic offenses in the streets. The cameras will also record the time of the offense.

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