Well! Are you in love with Minions now? The movie Minions was an awesome hit right? Yes! I am talking about those sweet, funny characters in yellow banana like shaped. Minions are now loved by almost everyone. People love sharing minion quotes, minion images etc on various social networking platform. If you are so much eager to share some funny as well as inspiring minion quotes, well then you are at the right place to get some of the funny Minion memes below. I’m sure you are going to seriously like them. Please read below to find out the minions quotes.


Some of the Popular Minion Quotes are:

  1. I only make time for the ones who make time for me.
  2. Well! Most of the women are afraid of clowns but don’t know how they often fall in love with one.
  3. I’m certainly going to retire and along with that live off my savings. But I don’t know what to do on the very second day!
  4. We are BFF….. Well! I will definitely pick you up once you fall but only after laughing!
  5. Well! Talking to your best friend is often a therapy much needed!
  6. Has it ever happen that you looked at someone and felt annoyed certainly?
  7. A good mood is just like a balloon…. One little prick is all it needs to ruin the mood!
  8. At night I can’t just sleep….. At morning I can’t wake up!
  9. Sometimes the person who tries to keep everyone happy is the lonely one in life!
  10. It’s okay! You have pushed the fast forward button on my weekend!

I hope all the above Funny minion quotes will be likeable to you. These are just some examples among the wide range of Mother’s day quotes 2016. Well! I would love if you share them and get inspired!

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