Online PAN Verification on TDS Traces Portal

The TDS traces (CPC) portal also offers an online facility of PAN Verification. TDS TRACES is new portal a launched by the income tax department of India. TRACES stands for TDS Reconciliation Analysis and Correction Enabling System. The portal allows online correction of the filed TDS returns. PAN details and challan update can also be done on this correction based system. The online PAN verification on TDS traces online allows you to validate the PAN. This validation is done for the purpose of reporting and recording your transactions of the correct TDS statements.


How to Verify PAN/TAN at TDS Traces.

We give here a few-minutes online process to verify your PAN at the Follow the instructions and website address of the TDS Traces given here:

1. Login at the TDS traces website at using your login id and password.

2. Also enter your PAN or TAN number. If you are a tax deductor, enter your TAN number. Taxpayers should type their PAN number.

3. If you are not registered, click on ‘register as new user’ and create login id.

4. After login, go to the dashboard.

5. You will find an option of “PAN Verification” in the menu of Quick Links at the dashboard.

6. You can also download consolidated TAN-PAN file. This facility involves all the PANs with respect to the TANs.

7. Read more If you want to verify a single PAN, use the option of ‘search PAN’.

8. In order to verify multiple PANs, use the option of “Download consolidated PANs-TANs.

9. Fill up all the details for the financial year or quarter.

10. After you submit all the data, you will be issued an online unique request number.


You can track the status of your request using the unique request number at the traces portal. Also, know the status of nsdl pan at its official website. The status messages will show if the request is submitted or processed. The reporting of the correct PAN data is now mandatory. Reporting of invalid PANs can bring issues in the processed TDS. Verification of PAN helps in generating correct TDS to the deductees. The taxpayer can avail TDS credits correctly in time if the PAN is verified.

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