The modern day celebration of Mothers Day follows a different perspective than the ancient celebration of motherhood. Greek and Roman cultures celebrated motherhood and mother goddesses known as Cybele and Rhea. The early Christianity too celebrated Mothering Day. However the modern day Mothers Day pays respect to all women individually. Unlike the ancient cultures, it praises contributions and hard work of all mothers towards family and society. The day is a recognized festival and holiday in United States. However it is now celebrated in many parts of the world to complement and honour all women for their hard of long years. We have presented here a brief overview on history of modern Mothers Day and its popularity. Also check when is mothers day in 2016.


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Why Mothers Day is Celebrated?

Originally, the idea of celebration of Mothers Day was first initiated by Julia Ward How in 19th century who was a writer and activist. Later on the Mothers Day was founded by Anna Jarvis in US who took up the movement of recognising a Day to honour all the mothers. She took inspiration of celebrating Mothers Day from her mother Anna Marie Reeves Jarvis who was a social worker. Anna Jarvis rigorously followed the movement of Mothers Day after her mother died. Her movement was due to the then growing negligence of Americans towards mothers. her hard work finally were paid off as Mothers Day was started being celebrated in many states from 1911. In 1914, the then President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed every second Sunday of May as a Mothers Day.


When is Mothers Day 2016

The Day falls on 8th of May 2016 which is the second Sunday of the month. Today, this modern familial celebration is followed other countries like UK, India, Italy, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, Mexico, New Zealand and Belgium. Children wish their mothers and send her wishes. It is also commercialized by greeting card manufacturers and florists. Mothers Day Gifts and Mothers Day cards are sold and bought on large extent. Even the founder of Mothers Day, Anna Jarvis was not happy with the commercialization of the Mothers Day festival. All mothers are appreciated and gifted on this day. Children send wishes, greeting cards, messages and gifts to their mothers to celebrate the date. All women are wished for their hard work to raise family and their children.

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